Legal murder

Yep, that’s right legal murder! Apparently the government says it’s okay. I hate the thought that so many young girls are hurt by some pervert who gets them pregnant. Does that make it ok to lie to them and tell them that murdering their unborn child is ok? Oh that’s right it’s not called murder it’s called an abortion. People like things to be sugar coated. Like I always tell my kids, the truth hurts!

Does this bother you? Do my words offend you? Well ask yourself this. Does your guilt of your involvement of an abortion make you upset? You don’t want to look in the mirror and see the ugly truth! People don’t like to see that they are wrong. Most women, who have abortions, live to regret it. I get it, you’re raped and don’t want to look at a baby as a reminder of that ugly act against you! Give that baby to someone who didn’t experience such a ugly situation. Let that baby live, let a family who can’t have kids love that unlovable child.

Apparently it is legal to murder a baby up until the twentieth week in a pregnancy. Here is what is going on in a baby that is at nineteen weeks into the pregnancy:

“Whatever her gender, your baby is getting bigger every day. She now weighs about 10 1/2 ounces and is 6 1/2 inches in length. If you are having a girl, her vagina, uterus, and fallopian tubes are now in place. If you are having a boy, you will surely know it on the ultrasound. Your baby’s nervous system is busy this week, as she develops myelin, a fatty substance that coats her nerves. This insulates the nerves so that impulses flow smoothly to the brain. Speaking of brain, it is hard at work, with special areas forming to hold your baby’s sense of taste, hearing, vision, and touch.”

Sure sounds like a baby to me! It’s not just a fetus or embryo it’s a baby! It’s not just an abortion its murder! So say it like it is when you call that clinic “Hello, I’m interested in having a doctor perform a murder on my unlovable unborn baby”

Life isn’t ours to take! Murder is murder!

I am not saying these things to hurt or offend anyone, I am only saying them because we need to wake up and stop justifying our actions. Just because we can use words to not make our actions look so ugly doesn’t make it right!  I have lost a baby from the lies of Planned Parenthood!

If you are suffering from the regret of an abortion there is forgiveness in Jesus Christ!



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