Brianna’s meds. Day 2~6

Day~2: Brianna has been fatigued again today.  Only one nap, but she is really mellow.  I don’t like it!  I know I have to keep giving it to her for awhile to find out if it works.  She has also been clingy and emotional today.

Day~3: I almost stopped giving her the medicine today. I am so focused on the bad things that might happen. I am completely stressed out. What if it helps her to function and have a better life? I just don’t know. She has done so much better today. She hasn’t been as sleepy. She is still mellow, but she has been playing with Billy as usual, without hurting him to bad. She hasn’t had any temper tantrums. She still gets upset, but she hasn’t beat on me or gotten out of control.

Day~4: She seems a little tired today and a bit moody. She didn’t have a nap today; she needed one, but she didn’t take one.

Day~5: We went to church today. The girl that stayed with her said she was more calm and she wasn’t as aggressive.

Day~6: First day back to school. I really hate being away from her at all now. If it wasn’t against the law I would just keep her home all the time. 🙂 Brianna seems to be doing better. Me? Not so much. This has been really hard on me. I keep feeling like I am hurting her in some way. I don’t want to hurt her; I want to help her! The teacher sent a note home. She said Brianna did seem a little tired in the afternoon, but she stayed on task. I talked to the school nurse and she said it could take up to two weeks before Brianna’s body adjusts to the medicine. I am still not crazy about this, but I want to see if it helps her. Oh and she has stopped picking the skin off of her thumbs. 🙂


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