Brianna’s meds Day 7, 10, 11

Day ~7: Another side effect or just a cold?  I am not sure which it is.  Brianna is drooling more today. 😦  I am just lost on what to do.  I have a consistent  battle going on inside of me.  I feel like I am taking a piece of my baby girl away, but at the same time who am I to hinder Brianna’s independence? I wish God would just write it out plan as day for me.  I know he loves her more than I do and He is in charge of what happens.  I just hope that my ears are fully open to His guidance.

Day~10: I have been giving Brianna a nap after school so she may be benefitting from that or she just might not be experiencing the fatigue as much. I am still not completely on board with this medication.
She has started these weird movements with her tongue.

Day~11: I may have forgotten to give Brianna her medicine last night. I couldn’t really remember if i did or not, so I thought it would be best to not give it to her. She is still making that movement with her tongue. I don’t like it at all! Brianna sometimes does strange things, but I am concerned that it might be a side effect. If it continues into Monday I am calling her doctor.
A few hours later~ The movements got worse, ended up in the ER. She was diagnosed with dystonic movements. We were told to stop giving her the abilify. I don’t know if I will be easily talked into giving her anything else for a while.

Looks like God answered my prayer and wrote it out plan as day just like I asked Him to.


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