Dream a Little Dream

Going on a train ride, how exciting! I have never been on a train and I was looking forward to it. As we boarded I saw my daughter sitting with my in laws. She was so calm, looking out the window. I knew my two oldest were already on the train. I saw them as my husband and I sat down in front of them. My whole family was now on the train, my youngest sitting with me and my husband. Later when we were almost to our destination, my daughter joined us. The train stopped and we got off in the middle of some middle sized town. I wasn’t sure what my husband had planned, but I knew we were going to have fun… Boy was I wrong!

My in laws headed down the road towards a bunch of small shops. My husband led us down a road away from the shops. He informed me that we were going to a friend’s house. We walked a few blocks past a few isolated shops and into a neighborhood. We walked right into a house. My husband didn’t even knock; I thought that was kind of strange. I had never been to this house and I wasn’t sure what was inside. I wrapped my arms around my two youngest and followed my husband in with my two oldest close behind me.

When we got inside I saw a girl sitting on the floor playing a video game with another girl who was behind her on a couch. Another girl was in the kitchen. I think the girls were in college and liked to party. The house smelled of smoke and a small hint of alcohol. My husband sat down at one end of the couch and my oldest two on the other end with the girl in the middle. The only other place to sit was at a kitchen table. It didn’t appear that there were any other kids around and I was completely ignored. I took my two youngest and sat down at the table.

Other than the girl in the kitchen cleaning there wasn’t much going on. The house was quiet all but the sound of the video game and that wasn’t even that loud. My daughter didn’t sit still long and started to get up and get into things. I didn’t have anything to distract her and I became irritated. My husband looked over at me but just sat there. That irritated me even more. I picked up my daughter and put her on my hip. I looked at my husband and asked him, If we could please leave. He ignored me and I asked again, only this time I didn’t say it in such a calm way. Everyone looked at me and my husband just turned his attention back to the TV. I grabbed my youngest’s hand and told my older two that we were leaving. We walked toward the front door as I told my husband we were going shopping. He just ignored me as we walked out.

We walked back past the few isolated shops and back toward where the train dropped us off at. I started to become thirsty and just knew my kids probably were too. I then remembered I didn’t have any money. I became discouraged and started to look around, not knowing what to do. I started walking past the train stop and discovered a park. The park had a drinking fountain and there weren’t many people there. So we went over and all of us took drinks of water. I then let the kids play for a while. I was pushing my daughter on the swing when I looked up and saw the train stop and then leave. I was getting tired and wanted to go home. So I got the kids together and headed back to that house.

We got back only to find that everyone but the girl in the kitchen was gone. I asked her where everyone was and she said my husband and the other two girls were in the bedroom. I felt like I was going to be sick. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what they were doing in there. I just hoped my oldest two didn’t know what was going on. What kind of influence would that have on their lives? Not having any money or anywhere else to go, I sat down with my kids on the couch. My kids made themselves feel at home. My oldest two turned on the game system and started to play a game. My youngest watched them as my daughter fell asleep. I did everything I could not to show the pain I was feeling.

Soon after my daughter fell asleep my husband came out. I stood up and walked over to him. Putting my hand out I said “I need some money so we can go home.” He looked at the girl who was sitting on the floor earlier and told her that it was getting late and he walked out. My boys got up and waited for me while I picked up my daughter. The one girl was back sitting on the floor and my boys walked behind her with me following them.

My oldest was upset. He’s not stupid; he knew the pain I was in. He slapped the girl in the back of the head as he walked past her. It felt good knowing he was protective of me, but at the same time I didn’t want him to think that was ok. The girl didn’t say anything; she just looked at him and went back to her game. When we got outside I told my son he shouldn’t treat people badly no matter what they do. God will repay them. Vengeance is the Lords! We then caught up to my husband and headed for the train to go back home. The End…

Then I woke up. Yes, it was all a bad dream! I wanted nothing more than to hold my husband and cry. I always try to figure out why I dream what I do and if they have any meaning. I believe this one has a lot of meaning!

“Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath; for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord” Romans 12:19


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