The Grass isn’t so Green on the Other Side

Why is it that a lot of people are not happy with what they have? I always feel like things would be better only if I had something more or different. I seem to fight with not being content with what I have, do you? I have gotten better, but I still struggle. I love my kids, but only if I could have one more I would be happier. I have a perfectly fine vehicle, but I am tired of driving it, I want a new one! My house is big enough and safe, but I still want to move. I love my husband, but I wish he would love me more or just leave; I am sure I could find someone else! My parents are nice and they love me, but I want parents that are more involved in my life and the lives of my children. Does any of this sound familiar? I am sure someone could add to this list. When we want something different, better or whatever we are sinning. It is called covetousness and it is the tenth commandment.

“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.” (Exodus 20:17 NKJV)

~A couple definitions of Covetousness:

1. Excessively and culpably desirous of the possessions of another.

2. Marked by extreme desire to acquire or possess:

Why does God not want us to covet something else? I think this is a good question and I would like to hear what others think! I think that God is looking out for us and wants us to be happy. When we covet things we become uncontent, depressed and lose focus on Jesus! We need to put all of our focus on Christ because we will fall into the deep waters of life if we lose focus. We need to be content and fight to stay content. Someone will always have more than us and someone else will have less than us. Life isn’t about what we have or don’t have, its about Christ! We can be perfectly content with Christ and Him only! Being content is a safe place that helps us to stay focused on Christ even when things are falling apart!

“Not that I speak in regard to need,for I have learned in whatever state I am,to be content” (Philippians 4:11 NKJV)

“And having food and clothing,with these we shall be content.” (Timothy 6:8 NKJV)

“Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have. For He Himself has said,’I will never leave you nor forsake you.’” (Hebrews 13:5 NKJV)


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