The Not So Musical High School Musical

Ok so everyone has seen the teenage high school drama movies and shows right? They all have their little group of people sitting at different tables in the cafeteria. The jocks, the smart kids, the “has not’s” and the pot heads. Anyways, I don’t remember it that way in school. I did have my little group of friends and I guess we would have fallen in between the “has not’s” and the “pot heads” maybe. I was thinking earlier about how my life sometimes feels like being in the cafeteria in that high school.

We have the pretty girls at one table, the cool kids at a table, and the controlling people at another. And let’s not forget the nice girls. Oh yea then there is me at a table all to myself. Its ok I have become quite happy spending time by myself. I use to have my best friend and my two brothers sit with me, but they have moved onto different tables. My best friend is now with the cool kids, my brothers both moved onto the controlling table. Probably because they didn’t have the chance to be at the pretty girls table and had to settle. Then there was this guy, SO cute! He came from the pretty girls table and started to have lunch with lil’ ole me! We hit it off, but every once in a while he would go back to the pretty girls table. For a while he started avoiding the pretty girls and only sitting with me. He became my boyfriend.

My brothers got sucked into the control of the leader of the controlling table, the only girl. My best friend always would sit with me when her cool friends left. The cool group table was always changing people, so that always gave my best friend new friends to ditch me for. After a while this cute guy got bored with me and started going over to the pretty girls table again sometimes. Well eventually I was all alone. My boyfriend was still my boyfriend and would sit with me long enough to make that known to me. I started to talk to the nice kids more and more and eventually I started sitting at their table. My best friend didn’t mind because she would just join us at that table in between the cool kids that would come and go. My brothers were no longer aware that I even existed. My boyfriend however, didn’t like it. So he started pulling me back to my old table. He still only sat with me briefly, long enough to make me feel bad about sitting with the nice kids. I think he was jealous because that table was mostly made up of boys.

I started spending less time with the nice kids. Then one day my boyfriend was sitting with me again briefly and he must have grabbed my phone on accident. They are identical phones. So I went to try and call my best friend because I needed someone to talk to. I opened the phone and there I seen the wall paper was set to a picture of one of the pretty girls. I realized it was my boyfriend’s phone. I decided to snoop a little and looked at his pictures only to find even more pictures of this girl. I went into the contacts and saw a lot of other girls’ phone numbers along with that girl. I became upset and needed my best friend more than ever. So I called her with my boyfriend’s phone. It rang only once and I got her voice mail. “Hey it’s me and I am busy with my new friends please leave a message and I might get back to you.” I closed my boyfriend’s phone, found him and exchanged phones with him.

I don’t know why he stayed with me. I wasn’t anything special. There were only two reasons I could think of. He felt sorry for me or he didn’t want to disappoint his parents. I had to keep him as my boyfriend, he was all I had, and he was the only one with the elevator key! I am not sure why no one wants to be around me. Either it’s because I like the nice kids or because I am in a wheelchair.

“No man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life; as I was with Moses, so I will be with you. I will not leave you nor forsake you.” Joshua 1:5


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