Operation Home Schooling: The Thought Process

I am planning on home schooling Brianna for the 2012-2013 school year. The thing I most worry about is not having any free time for me; that sound so selfish. I just don’t want to become overwhelmed. Another thing I worry about is Brianna is a people person and she won’t have that daily interaction with other kids and adults. I may have to brain storm some ideas. However, I feel like my one on one teaching Brianna might help her more. I can get her outside therapy to help with the things that need more professional help. I need to write out goals and a strict lesson plan to follow because I need structure to stay on task myself. I also think that making a lesson plan and sticking to it will help Brianna have structure. Brianna is only doing pre-school and lower levels of school work at this point and I am studying to be a pre-school teacher so my schooling will help me with her schooling.


To Do:

  1. Study up on introduction to pre-school and pre-school activities.
  2. Write out a goals and lesson plan.
  3. Brain storm ideas to help Brianna have “friends”

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