The Never Ending Daymare

Walking into an amusement park for a night filled with fun, friends, and family. My main focus was on the rides. As soon as I walked through the gates my eyes landed on one particular ride. It stood about three hundred feet tall, it was colorful, and it had all kinds of twist, turns, and loops. As I was visualizing myself on the ride, my friend, Angela got my attention and shot me a look, her face looked like that of a child’s who just walked into a toy store.  She pointed at a vender selling cotton candy and nodded her head. I told the others we should head over to the vender and start our sugar high before we head to the rides. There were five of us in all. We all went and bought some cotton candy. After everyone finished paying for their cotton candy we walked a few feet from the vender and started planning out the most effective way to accomplish riding all of the adult rides in one short evening. My eyes landed on the same roller coaster again. I noticed no one was as excited about it as I was so I decide to save it for last, hoping someone might go with me. Either way I planned on riding that ride. All the lines in the front of the park looked long and we didn’t really want to wait so we decided to walk to the back of the park and start there. We walked past all sorts of rides; there was a comment about each of the adult rides and even some of the children’s rides from one person or another. All of the comments on the children’s rides come from my mom. “I bet my little guy would like that one” or “The little princes would have made me ride that one with her.” I soon realize that she might have been happier staying with my kids, but I begged her to go with me because my in-laws were keeping my kids for the week. “A girls night out” I told her, at the last minute she decided to come. I am glad she did because after we were done riding all the other rides we got back to the front of the park and no one would go on the roller coaster with me. She didn’t want to at first, so I started to go get in line willing to ride it by myself. She must have felt bad for me because she reluctantly went with me. The line was amazingly short. We were on the ride in no time at all. As we got up to the first high point about ready to drop down a big drop I looked in front of us and I didn’t see anything, no track, and no people, not even the ground. I looked for my mom next to me, but she was no longer there. I couldn’t find her. I looked down just as the ride started to plummet into what looked like a big black hole, I start to scream and cry. I must have passed out because I didn’t remember the rest of the ride. Next thing I know is that me and my mom were walking away from the ride and back toward my friends. My friends were all standing in a small half circle looking at another ride and laughing. I was clueless to what had happened. My mom kept asking me if I was alright, finally she stops me and stands in front of me. In a loud voice she tells me to snap out of it or she is going to call an emergency worker over. The rest of the group comes running over, concerned. I was dazed and confused, but I finally answered her telling her I was fine that I think I just had to much sugar and I need to go home and lie down. On the way home I told the group that I didn’t remember anything; I didn’t want to tell them the vision I saw; I wasn’t sure of it myself.  I woke up the next morning with my mom asleep in a chair next to my bed. I thought that all the roller coaster stuff was just a dream, but when I woke her up she told me that it wasn’t a dream and she was worried about me so she just wanted to stay the night to keep an eye on me. Unwilling to tell my mom what I did see we just went on about our day. She decided to stay another night to be sure I was okay.  We ordered in pizza and watched some movies. I started to notice a light in the kitchen flickering on and off. Not wanting to worry my mom any further I asked her if she wanted a drink. I then got up and went into the kitchen where the lights started going crazy. I knew if this was really happening my mom would see it so I looked back at her and she was just sitting there calmly watching the movie. I reached over and grabbed the light switch to stop the lights, but to my amazement the light switch wasn’t moving. Finally my mom got up and came into the kitchen. She walked over and opened the refrigerator, grabbing two cans of soda she looked at me and asked me if I was alright. I looked at her with a blank stare; I couldn’t believe she didn’t notice the lights going crazy. Again she knew there was something wrong with me. She stopped in front of me and demanded I tell her what was going on. I broke down crying and I told her everything about the night before and the lights. She demanded that I go to the hospital and see if there was something wrong with me. I didn’t want to go and I was getting tired so I decided against it. As we were headed back to the living room someone was knocking at the door. My mom answered the door and a neighbor gave her a package for me. Apparently the package was delivered to the wrong house. My mom hands me a box and I open it to find a Bible from my grandma! My grandma is in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s and she never remembers me when I go see her or call her. So you can imagine my surprise when I got it. After getting it out of the box I opened it and she had written something in the cover and it was dated years before I was even born, but it had my name in it. I thought maybe I was hallucinating again, but my mom saw it to. I thumbed through the Bible and sat it down next to me. I was wondering if it was a prank, but I couldn’t think of who or why someone would want to do that to me. A little later I headed to bed and my mom was persistent on sleeping in my room again. I didn’t want her sleeping on the floor again so I made myself a bed on the floor and let her sleep in my bed. We talked for a few minutes in the dark and she dozed off. I didn’t think I was asleep, but was I dreaming or was I hallucinating, I wasn’t sure. The curtains shut and blocked out the lights from outside making the room completely dark. I started to get scared and I started to pray, begging God to make is stop, all of it. A dim light started to shine on a full length mirror that I had in my room. I sat up and quickly discovered that I was awake. My mom started to stir and asked me what was going on. I whispered that I didn’t know and I stood up and sat on the edge of the bed next to her. I couldn’t believe she could see it to! All of a sudden unworldly creatures started to pull at her. I quickly grabbed her and started to pray louder. As soon as I said “Jesus” the unworldly creatures disappeared. My mom was still understandably upset. The light on the mirror grew bigger and brighter. I stood up and walked toward it. Something about it made me want to get closer. My mom started to scream again and I looked back to her. I saw the unworldly creatures back pulling her, but this time there was more. Again I said Jesus’s name and the creatures disappeared. I turned my attention back to the mirror and now there were puzzle pieces. The creatures returned to my mom and they were more powerful than they were before. I tried to get them to go away again yelling Jesus’ name, but this time I heard a voice tell me to put the puzzle together. I walked over and started to put the puzzle together. It was harder than I thought it would be. I started getting frustrated because my mom was screaming and crying and I couldn’t help her. I didn’t understand why a stupid puzzle had anything to do with helping my mom. All I heard was “have faith”. I frantically continued to do the puzzle with my mom screaming in the back ground. I finally got the puzzle put together and the whole mirror lit up and I looked back at my mom was sound asleep, peacefully at that. I knew I wasn’t sleeping so I woke her up and she told me that she had a strange dream.


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