Operation Home Schooling: Getting Started

A lot has changed from the other day when I started the “Brianna Update” series of my blog. I guess I will continue on the “Operation Home schooling” series because after yesterday I am done with the public school in my area as far as my daughter is concerned. I have been really apprehensive about sending Brianna back into the public school system after what happened last year, but hubby and I decided that we would send her back to the school and I would be up there a lot checking on her and on things pertaining to her and her education. Anyways, I got to the school only to find out that they had transferred her to another school. A school that is not very close to my house and it is in a bad area of town. So we drive out to this school to check it out and meet her teacher. Well not only do I get bad feelings about this school I go inside and find out there isn’t a teacher for her. School starts in a week and they are 3 teachers to short. I had been praying that God would show me if I was making a mistake putting her back into the school system. Welp I think know He is telling me that now. I have had nothing but peace since I decided to keep her home this year.

So here we go, getting started, I am a little surprised on how flexible the homeschooling laws are in Indiana. I want my daughter to be as succesful as possible so I wouldn’t do anything shady, but I have to admit that it would be easy to give your child no education at all. That is kind of scary. It is good for me that the law is so flexible at this point tho because I am so intimidated by all of this stuff. I found some cool free printable’s at a site called Teachers Printable’s. I am also looking into K12. I talked to a lady from K12 today on the phone. They accommodate for special needs kids and I think this might be a good alternative to homeschooling Brianna. I do know that there might be a waiting list so I will just home school her and see where that takes me. I am going to get her into therapy as soon as I can.


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