Brianna Update: She Is So Smart!

I have enrolled Brianna into K12’s Hoosier Academy. She has been enrolled for over 3 weeks, but we haven’t been in contact with anyone regarding her IEP. I guess they send out curriculum right away, just to get things started. The problem is they sent me all 4th grade material. Well, Brianna hasn’t even mastered preschool curriculum yet. So I will continue to teach her my made up curriculum and bug the school until something happens. As my husband says, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”.  So if I bug them enough they will get things done faster. In their defense they have had twice as many kids enroll this year than last year! Amazing, I guess I may not be the only one fed up with the public school system. Anyways, back to my made up curriculum. I have made up 2 different sized flash cards along with a few other things. I am most impressed with the flash cards. Brianna is matching an A-B with an A-B, 1-3 with a 1-3, colors, and shapes. I am so impressed with her. I have to admit that her attention isn’t so great some days, but she is so smart and one day she will be able to read! I am so excited for her. I enjoy her being home with me where I know she is safe, well taken care of and loved. She is going in for an evaluation for physical and occupational therapy this week. I don’t think that she needs the physical therapy, but I will take her to it to please her doctor. Speaking of doctors, I cannot find one that I like. I have been looking for one for a few years now. The doctor she is seeing now is really nice and understanding, but way to busy and forgetful. I have to constantly stay on top of her to get a referral and then she still forgets. I haven’t gotten her to give me a referral for Brianna to get speech therapy. I asked for it the same time that I asked for the other therapies. I have called about it twice and I still haven’t gotten it. Brianna has to go to see the doctor Friday so hopefully she will get it then. UGH! I have also asked to see a specialist for months now and haven’t heard about that either. I guess I will just keep pushing until I get what Brianna needs. I guess a child’s best advocate is the parents.


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