Operation Home Schooling: Discouraged

I really don’t feel like I am disciplined for this, or that I am doing it right. I am also discouraged that Brianna is missing out socially. She is a people person and her and I sit at home most of the week. I have three other kids, who are in the public school system, for now, but I am worried that isn’t enough for her. We don’t have a lot of money, she is hard to take places by myself and I really don’t have family to help me. My in-laws help me sometimes, but they have their hands full with their elderly mother. If I lived in almost any other school system I would be very tempted to enroll her. There is all of that and the fact that she is driving me nuts at times. Its amazing really. She doesn’t have many words and certainly can’t say a full sentience, but she sure does talk a lot. She will follow me around the house “daddy?” I then say “daddy is at work”. Her, “Matt Matt” Me, “Matt Matt is at school” she will continue going through everyone that lives here several times. If I am doing anything and she can’t get my attention she will grab my face and make me look at her or she will yell at me. I love her I really do, just some days this is really hard and lonely. She will yell hit and kick me when I get on the phone unless I sneak off to another room, which I can’t do without her destroying the house or maybe even hurting herself. It is just so stressful sometimes. Anyways, I know every thing will work out just fine because my God is bigger than all of this. He sees me and knows my struggles. He has put it on my heart to do this and just like anything else in life I need to stay close to Him to get me through this. I am still waiting on K12. I did have Brianna’s IEP meeting last week and they are making plans to accommodate her, but it just feels like it is taking forever. I think and hope that I will feel like she is at least getting what she needs academically when I have a teacher directing me with somethings.


2 thoughts on “Operation Home Schooling: Discouraged

    1. Thank you for your comment and for your prayers! It means a lot to me. I had a rough day yesterday and I know I will continue to struggle, but it means a lot that you took the time to reply to me. God Bless you!

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