Once Upon a Time…

Back in November of 2014 I posted what would be my last blog post on here for about five months. I did post something sending anyone reading to another blog I started, at some point, but I deleted that and I don’t remember when that was. Anyhow, I started that other blog to reach out to others like me. Well fortunately I didn’t find any others like me! Ha! I am sure there are some out there like me, but I didn’t find any. Anyways, I had good intentions, but I am not ready to go down that road just yet.  I am a mommy who can’t have Christian fellowship like I need and want. I wanted to reach out to others to help them connect and to help me connect. It failed or I didn’t give it enough time, I am not sure which. My last post there was in February. Here it is April and I find myself wanting to write again (that feeling never goes away). So I thought well I will just change my other WordPress Blog then I thought no I will go back to my Transparency blog. I need to have an outlet of sorts. I want to say what is on my mind, that is exactly what this blog was before. I want to use it as a journal of sorts I guess you could say. So back to where I originally was with this blog “A look inside of my thoughts, dreams, and struggles”. My plan for this blog is:

~I have no plan!  🙂

I am going to write about what I want when I want. I am going to use this blog as a journal and a research paper. I like to write and I am not very good at it, but I am looking forward to the practice I get here. 🙂


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